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🤔 Some Call it Bracelet Purse

This New Trend for Bracelets that can carry your small valuables is on!!

As the world becomes more efficient and minimalistic, we need new products that evolve with us.  These Wrist Wallets or Bracelet Purse (as some are calling them)  are in fact a great alternative for your purse or bulky wallet.  You will soon realize that it is not much what you actually use from that heavy purse.  Simplify and only what you'll use comes with you.   
When it comes to new product ideas such as this,  we don't always know what it is we are looking for,  So this collection contains all our bracelet designs for you to get a feel of what tickles your inner fashionista.  Explore and play around knowing that there is no wrong choice,  and that often contrast works just as well as matching. 
 All our Wrist Wallets are made under Fair Fashion Principles and with Vegan Materials to contribute positively to our planet's living beings and the environment.  We appreciate your support and good vibes!   🤪