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About Us

Mother and Daughter join hands to bring you the convenience and safety of our handcrafted Wrist Wallets. These are cuffs-type bracelets that can also be used in your ankle that contain a secret pocket to carry your day to day small items.

Ana Maria (Mother) is the creative mastermind of our products and designs. She is crafty and full of wonderful ideas.   Ana studied photography at the Universidad de Lima. Also, The University of Florida recognized her talents by honoring her with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Artistic Design. She relocated to San Diego where she has further strengthen her work.

Diana (Daughter) is an extreme sports enthusiast and travels the glove in her nomadic lifestyle. In early 2016 -over a delicious fish taco- she gave Ana the idea of making one of these cuffs for her. She knew well what she needed for her free-spirited lifestyle and also wanted it to be fashionable (of course ;-). At that point, Ana simply grabbed the bottom cut out of one of her jeans and made the first Wrist Wallet. Diana loved it and soon came back with more fabric for me. Her friends were truly interested and began to make orders one by one.

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