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POW Lycra Wrist Wallet

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This Lycra Wallet Cuff holds your Key, Cash, Credit Cards, IDs, and any other small item.  

Perfect for a day at the beach, pool, hike or any other water-related activities.  This wallet is made with fast-drying materials from recycled plastic bottles.  

Key Features and Benefits: 

👍 Functional: Comfortable cuff that contains a secret inner pocket where you can safely and comfortably carry Cash, Keys, Credit Cards, and more.

💃 Stylish:  The Only wrist wallet that looks like a sensual bracelet that adds a perfect touch to your look!

😊 Comfortable:  Soft on your skin.  Hidden zipper for added comfort

⚖️ Lightweight:  Weights under 2 ounces.

😶 Minimal:  Carry only what you truly need and will use.  Stay light and simple.

💳 Fits Credit Cards:   Credit Cards, Badges, ID's and any other cards fit perfectly vertically inside the wallet to lay ergonomically lengthwise on your arm.

🤫  Secret Stash:  Our wallets are perfectly disguised as a sexy bracelet accessory.  

🚿 Washable:   See the "Care Instructions" tab for the best practice.  

🙂 Hassle-free:  No more heavy, dangling purses to carry on your shoulder.  

🌿 Vegan Materials:  No animal skin or materials of any sort are ever used in any of our products.

✂️ Fair Fashion:  All materials purchased to make our products are made under humane conditions and fair fashion standards. 


1- Hand wash with gentle soap

2- Rinse well

3- Lay flat to dry.

Note: Don’t wash too often.


Step 1: Measure your girth where you would like your accessory to sit

Step 2: Measure your girth again about 4 inches up from your the first measurement

Step 3: Send us your Measurements along with your order and we will make it perfect for you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I do really like this wallet. It's a little snug when I put 4 cards in. I think next time I'll go 1 size up.

Lori Gail Monaco
Love these wrist wallets,

Love these wrist wallets, and they were quickly shipped! This is an EXCELLENT seller!

Vanessa Sawicki
It is comfortable on...

I am happy with my wrist wallet. Seller shipped it lightning fast. It is comfortable on and has a pretty design (just like the picture).

As with many bracelets, it can be a little tricky to snap on and take off. I had my bf help me - maybe I just need some practice? I could see this being annoying if you need to get in and out of the bracelet several times throughout the night.


I bought 4 of the Wrist Wallets. Three for a cruise and one for my Godchild's mission trip. They arrived in record time. Beautiful craftsmanship. Much softer than they look. Seller communication was spot on. My special orders came out perfect. I will buy here again.