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Belt with Hidden Pockets | Golden and Brown

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Brown and Gold Belt with Hidden Pockets 

When it comes to travel accessories that conceal your valuables,  this Belt with Hidden Pockets is a must-have.    Perfectly disguised as a Fashionable Wide Belt, this Travel Belt Bag hides your money and phone best in plain sight where no one would think to look.  

SoFree's Handmade Belt is available for HIP or WAIST, depending on your style and comfort. 

Our Stylish Travel Money Belt contains 2 hidden pockets:

1- Money Pocket

Located on the side and fits credit cards, cash, keys, and other small items.

2- Phone Pocket:

Located on the back (accessible from the outside) where your phone slides in seamlessly and sit perfectly on your back.


  • Travel Safe and In Style

  • Go Dancing Without a Heavy Purse

  • Go Hands-Free all Day LOOONG

  • Easy Access to All Your Stuff


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The Perfect Secret Pockets!


⬆️  See Sizing and Video Demo ⬆️



1- Hand wash with gentle soap

2- Rinse well

3- Lay flat to dry.

Note: Don’t wash too often.


Step 1: Measure your girth where you would like your accessory to sit

Step 2: Measure your girth again about 4 inches up from your the first measurement

Step 3: Send us your Measurements along with your order and we will make it perfect for you!

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Just What I needed

Thanks for such great invention! Loving it for my travels