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Travel Belt with Secret Pockets | Batik 6

$65.00 USD
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Batick and Suede Fashion Belt with secret pockets!!

Wear your wallet around your waist and keep your hands and mind free! This stylish Belt contains 2 pockets, one on your side for credit cards, cash, keys, and other small items and another on the back where your phone slides in seamlessly and sits perfectly on your back. You can keep it close, keep it safe, and still feel the vibration of your notifications.

The back pocket closes with velcro making it very easy to access and put away your phone.

  • Travel safe as no one would ever suspect that belt is actually your travel belt
  • Go dancing without thinking about bringing a purse to carry your phone.
  • Take a walk and keep your hands free Hide your valuables close and accessible


In SoFree we strive to be eco and humanity friendly, so we ONLY use fair fashion and Vegan materials for all our products.

Please check our also our Wrist Wallets and stylish Face Masks in our shop. The Perfect Secret Pockets!

1- Hand wash with gentle soap

2- Rinse well

3- Lay flat to dry.

Note: Don’t wash too often.

Wrist Wallets  SIZES CHART:

                              Cm.       Inches

X-SMALL                17           6.5

SMALL                    18             7

MEDIUM                 20             8

LARGE                    23             9

X-LARGE                25             10.5



Step 1: Measure your wrist girth at the wrist-bone

Step 2: Measure the girth of your arm about 4 inches away from your wrist-bone.

Step 3: Send us your Measurements along with your order and we will make it perfect for you!

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