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Red and Black Print Wrist Wallet

$26.00 USD
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Let me tell you about this clever cuff:

Our Wrist Wallets are Fashionable Bracelet / Wallet that contains a secret ( shhhh :) inner pocket where you can safely and comfortably carry your money, keys, credit cards or any other day to day small items.


These are perfect for Travel, Parties, Festivals, Sports or Just your everyday! Wait till you see the reactions! :-o

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I handmade all of them with lots of love.  The clever design is not only a beautiful accessory to complete your look, but it is also a functional item that offers comfort, freedom and most importantly, safety when carrying your valuables.

We offer this design in different sizes to fit your Wrist, Arm or Ankle. (See size chart to find the correct size for you)

IMPORTANT: Each wallet  is from a unique part of the fabric. There may be a slight variation on the pattern.

CUSTOM: We are delighted to create a custom size for you. Just send us the measurements of your Wrist or Ankle and we will make it to perfection!

CARE: Hand wash for fabrics and wipe clean for faux leather and suede materials. Lay flat to dry. Don’t wash too often. Use gentle soaps that are easily removed.

SIZING: Instructions to Measure your size:

Step 1:

Wrist: Measure your wrist girth at the level of the wrist-bone (the one that sticks out a bit)

Ankles: Measure your Ankle girth just above the Ankle bone.

Arm: Measure the thinnest girth of the arm level you like to wear your wallet. (note that not all arm shapes will hold the bracelet/wallet in place)

Step 2: Measure 3.5 inches ( 8.89 cm) away from the first measurement and mark it.

Step 3: Measure the girth of the new marked spot.

Step 4: Send us both girths measurements for the perfect fit.


SIZE           Cm.      Inches

X-Small       17          6.5

Small          18            7

Medium      20            8

Large          23            9

X-large       25          10.5


Published using Nembol

1- Hand wash with gentle soap

2- Rinse well

3- Lay flat to dry.

Note: Don’t wash too often.

Wrist Wallets  SIZES CHART:

                              Cm.       Inches

X-SMALL                17           6.5

SMALL                    18             7

MEDIUM                 20             8

LARGE                    23             9

X-LARGE                25             10.5



Step 1: Measure your wrist girth at the wrist-bone

Step 2: Measure the girth of your arm about 4 inches away from your wrist-bone.

Step 3: Send us your Measurements along with your order and we will make it perfect for you!