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Batik Face Masks - Sexy Boho Face Masks



Need a Cute Face Mask?

If you are tired of the same old, boring plain masks,  try one of our sexy face masks. Get ready to be showered with compliments from everyone you know who loves seeing patterns that haven't been made a zillion times before. 

A modern solution for civil protection in uncertain times, our stylish face masks are ready to transcend the boundaries of traditional face masks. Simply slip into luxury with masks that stay fresh throughout your fashionable fashionista day! All our fabric face masks include elastic ear loops, nose wire and filter pocket.  

Beyond our challenges with covid-19, we all know that the earth’s climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Pollution is on the rise and reusable face masks may become a constant accessory most of us choose to keep around.  

So, If you fancy a change from the same old boring masks you've seen,  then get your hands on these batik prints designs that are definitely unique and exquisite.  Handmade in USA, these masks help keep out air pollutants, germs and viruses,  which means it does more than just look good - you can feel safe while looking fancy!  Each mask has a filter pocket so you can insert the filter of your choice. 


All Masks are Hand Made in San Diego CA, USA!

  • 2 layers: Liner is Cotton-Poly Fabric and the outside is BATIK quilt hand-painted 100% Cotton. 

  • Elastic ear loops

  • Nose wire

  • They are all Washable.

  • Each mask is hand-crafted.

  • Available in 2 sizes ( Adults & Kids)

  • Filters are not included

  • Filter Pocket. Fits carbon filter PM2.5, tissue, paper towel, baby wipes, etc.