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Travel Wrist Wallets with Hidden Pockets

This New Trend for Travel Wallets is ON!  Get on with the times of minimalism, freedom and safety.  

 These Wrist Wallets are in fact a great alternative for your secret travel money bag    You'll quickly realize how useful and convenient these wrist wallets are for  your travels.
Our travel wallets are simply designed to ensure that your true valuables are close and safe at all times. Explore and experiment, knowing that there is no wrong choice and that contrast often works just fine.
This collection contains all our Wrist Wallet designs for you to get a feel of what tickles your inner fashionista.  Explore and play around knowing that there is no wrong choice,  and that often contrast works just as well as matching. 

Trending Travel Accessory 

The Best Travel Wallet is now this New stylish  bracelet cuff with Hidden Pockets. Newest trend in functional accessories for travel, our wrist wallets can hold credit cards, key, cash and other small items, PLUS you get to wear a fashionable accessory to enhance your personal style.   


Stylish Wallet/ Bracelet

Wrist Pockets come in an array of contrasting colors so you can always find one that fits perfectly with any outfit, or choose one that sticks out and stands out perfect for those days when you need to feel empowered by being different!


Hide it in plain sight 

Perfectly disguised as a Bracelet Cuff  so no one knows where you carry your valuables. This wrist pouch will help you keep all your goods safe and hidden at all times.

Minimal Wallet

This Perfect Travel Wrist Pouch is created by SoFree with minimalism in mind. Crafted to be worn close to the skin, this is an easy way to pack light while never losing anything on your travels. 

Light Traveling

This is for men and women who don't want to feel the weight of their purses or bulky wallets when they're exploring new places around the globe. That's where our Wrist Wallet comes into play! It can carry all that you might need during your adventures without weighing down. 

Good for the Planet

All our wrist wallets are Animal Friendly. Wholesome Quality. Fashionable & Functional Vegan Leather Goods for a better world. 100% Vegan leather in your choice of patterns and colors.  The material is very high quality, durable and flexible so you can carry it everywhere without feeling uncomfortable. It will fit into any pocket or wrist seamlessly.