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Wrist Wallets for Men and Women

Cuffs are badass and sexy accessories for men.   Now add the Wallet!  Men are by nature minimalist and love to be light and efficient.  With this in mind, we have made a selection of some of our designs that are perfect for men

SoFree Wrist Wallets are Fashionable Wearable Wallets that contain a secret inner pocket where you can safely and comfortably carry cash, keys, credit cards or any other small items.  They are perfect for Travel, Exercise,  Party, Festivals, Beach, Sports and any day to day activity. 

 All our Wallets are made under Fair Fashion Principles and with Vegan Materials to contribute positively to our planet's living beings and the environment.   

SoFree designs add to your style while hiding where your valuables are.  It's a Win-Win! All of Our Wrist Wallets can also be worn on your upper arm or ankle.

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