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The Best Wallet for Kids  

Kids are active and often distracted.  It is easy for them to misplace small important items... until now.  Our stylish Cool Kid Wallets are perfect for school and playtime. They stay put and hold any small items such as money, emergency notes, keys and more.  🤩

SoFree Wrist Wallets contain a secret inner pocket  🤫that discretely hides small valuables for added safety and comfort.   It looks and feels like a cuff bracelet which kids will be excited to wear as an accessory. 

Parents all around are choosing this as the best wallet for kids,  as they stay put and no one realizes it contains valuables. 💵

The children love them since it offers them the freedom to jump, play, skate, and fall (as they all do) without the need for a pocket that only holds items when upright. 🤸‍♂️

These wallets for kids are also kid-proof as they are washable and water-resistant.  🏄‍♂️ They are made with the best materials to resist continuous use and still look cool and stylish. 😎

For these and many more reasons this unique new kind of wearable wallet is the best wallet for kids.  So if you have been looking for cool kid wallets, You found them!